A downloadable fakemon for Windows

Welcome to the world of fakemon!

It's time to start another journey in the Eternalet region! Find more than 30 species of magical creatures named fakemon. Explore snowy mountains, dark forests, and beautiful (or not) towns. Fight with villainous team Union later. Just later. Now the game is just a demo 'cause I haven't enough time to make a full game.

I hope you still be able to enjoy the game!

You need to know what:

1. The energy needed to use some moves starts as 5 at every battle, but you can't recover it in battle, at least now.

2.Fakemons can be split into 2 groups: 1 slot and 2 slots. You can have only 2 fakemon per battle, because of it later battles will go in 2 or more rounds.

3.Fakemon hasn't levels individually, they have team level.

Some tips:1.You can change your team even in between  dialog. 

2.Special moves has little black triangle in bottom right corner.

3.New types triangle: Nature(Green)>Earth(Brown)>Poison(Purple)>



Currently unavailable types: Fire, Water, Magic, Ice

Currently there are 6 fakemon species and 9 total fakemon

This demo is submitted to  #icanripoff jam.

Please report any issues and bugs.


Fakemon.exe 47 MB


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what did I just play