Rubbish Mutant Cats is a PVZ-inspired tower defense game that offers a couple of changes to the perfect formula of  PvZ1 to make it more strange|hard|fun|crazy, such as:

 B-version mechanic-every mutant has an alternate version that can be different from the original. For example, Basic Jeff has the cost of 40 mana, medium recharge, and 100hp, B-Jeff is free, with slow recharge, 5 hp, and the ability to attack.

Unique Mutants/Aliens: Have you seen a tower that shoots cobweb up and poison spit down, or mine that not only destroys the enemy but also gives mana? Like you already did, but have you seen one that can change lanes depending on opposing mutants and accidentally fall in acid?

Level gimmicks: Cool stuff, such as acid what acts like water, but your "lily pads" don't exist.  Capsules what if destroyed by alien spawn Big Bad Enemy, but if destroyed by mutants spawn mana?

We broke "plant formula": Everyone knows this balanced deck of Shooter, ManaProducer, Insta-kill, DefensiveWall, Mine. Well, what about Shooter|PiercingShooter, AttackingWall|WallAttacker, SECRET(DefensiveWall|FreeWall), SlowingShooter|ManaProducer? Yeah, we're monsters.

Here's a little synopsis: Evil Mutants attacked Earth again! This time it will be saved by......Mutant Cats. The situation is truly horrible. 


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