Big Alpha Update

First Big Update! The Game is still in like BIG LONG ALPHA, but we added some features and want to share them.

1. New Work In Progress location with 11 levels, 6 new aliens, and 5 mutants.

2. Quality of life changes such as progress bar, photo of upcoming aliens in level.

3. A LOT of bug fixes, like so much we don't remember the exact number.

4. Balance changes B-Cat no longer pierces enemies and B-Jeff now can attack in short range.

5. Unique levels: Like fast-paced 2-8 "2 Minutes to Midnight", or LITERALLY EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN* 2-8 "Ephemeral World"

*Under it, I meant some lanes will be flooded with acid rivers, living walls of bushes will suddenly grow, thick fog will make everything worse and you BETTER not know why "Fisher" aliens come in the same lane with "Crazy Bomb that also can shoot acid".

After reading all of it we all can see problems, a game needs balancing, more bug fixes, and all that. So we need YOU to tell why this game sucks/doesn't work/is bad/unbalanced and other unironically important stuff.

Thanks for reading, have fun!


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Mar 01, 2022

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